Meal Ordering Software/ Online Menu For Restaurants

Online restaurant menu ordering system has become a necessity and is highly affordable. You can easily get an online restaurant menu at zero effort and generate huge profits. Food/ Meal ordering system through internet or web is very essential as internet is a major tool in bringing potential customers to your web site.

Keeping in sync with this tradition, we have come up with an Online Menu Ordering Software (247pos).

Today the Internet has a widespread reach, from mobile phones to day-to-day use devices in homes - Internet has seen an exponential growth in terms of coverage and awareness.

The food industry has also felt the strong presence of Internet, the online sale of food and beverages has increased 18 times over the last five years from approximately US$3 billion to US$55 billion in the USA alone.

More importantly, more than 80 percent of those who ordered meals on the Internet said they rated the experience as excellent.

The online food and beverage market is experiencing a renaissance as people discover the convenience and ease of ordering online.

Online Food Ordering System (247pos)

The Online Meal Ordering Software (247pos) is an indigenously built Web Based Food Ordering Software that has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing website without having to replace your existing website. It's a unique Restaurant Menu Software wherein you can set up an online restaurant menu and make your food delivery service faster and easier.

Customers can quickly, effectively and securely order food online, food gift certificates and make reservations for dining directly from your restaurant's website. Orders can be sent to a fax machine or to an email account or can directly be viewed over the Internet. Payments can be made upon food delivery (as is usually done) or in advance.

Online Food Ordering System also helps build valuable customer information database automatically as orders are placed on your website. This enables targeted marketing campaigns.

Online Menu Ordering System also provides live sales reports and statistics online through an exclusive password protected account management page.