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Dixy Chicken

By selecting 247pos, our managers now spend very less time in the office on the computer and they spend more time taking care of customers on the floor. This is a point of sale system that really helps our business and this is must for your business if you want to make your business more efficient.

Chesters Great Chicken

We have chosen 247pos because it is incredibly fast and user-friendly. After getting the training from them and system set up we are very much dependent on it and we recommend to every business owner in our industry. Whenever we get any problem, technicians of 247pos are always available in no time.


Urban Chicken and Pizza

We have experienced the difference with 247pos as it tracks all sales, provides report breakdowns by tender type and calculates waiter banks. Reconciliation is really fast so waiters and cashiers can print daily reports and settle with the house in minutes.


We have worked with 247pos for a number of years and we are already using it in our store. Their solution incredibly suits our business and it is quite easy and user-friendly for every user. We can access our important information with just a touch of a button and we have more control over our business.


Dixi Plus

Full integration between the stores is very important for every business owner to run their business smoothly. 247pos has provided a complete solution which gives us the ability to access sales and stock information quickly and easily. We are quite contended with the service of 247pos and we canít imagine of switching to any other point of sale system.

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